Saturday, January 26, 2013

Unutopian Energy

Yesterday there was the Stoos Connect, a kind of conference broadcasted from the Internet showing that we can have a better and more human world. There were speakers like Niels Pflaeging, Daniel Pink or Jurgen Appelo. Some cities organised local events to watch the streaming together, and Barcelona was one of them.

I wasn't there, I was with Joserra Diaz in the PMA, so I cannot complain.

On Saturday, today, there was an Open Space in Barcelona, organised by the Unutopia community, and I was able to attend for a few hours. It's been strange because I did not have the context: I missed yesterday's presentations and this morning keynote and activities, but I wanted to join. I was curious.

I've met a lot of friends that I've met in events of Agile Spain and Barcelona, and a few new faces. I've been in two sessions, one about education models and another about Unutopia next steps. I've met

A lot of good intentions. A lot of energy. A lot of smart people.  Maybe I haven't seen specific actions. So, what.

Just the energy from my friends. Their willingness. Their hope. Their rage. People spending their family time away from home to make a better world is enough to me.
That only thing makes this world a little better.

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